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About our mother 10 line  ?

1.Mother is a genuine gift of God upon this world.

2. There is no counterpart for the love of mother. We can not discover the instances of her love in this world.

3. The mother is constantly worried about everything for us.

4. My mother is my closest companion. She can get me and help me to take care of my issues.

5. My mother is constantly prepared to give any forfeit for my desires and my needs.

6. My mother consistently supplicate God to shield me from all damages of this life.

7. It is with the petitions and gift of our mothers that we generally become effective in different social statuses.

8. My mother strives to deal with the requirements of all relatives of house.

9. I love my mother since she generally help my dad and each relative in all choices of life.

10. My mother is particularly worried about my wellbeing. She is disturbed when I am not fine.

11. My mother consistently encourages me in my schoolwork and other school undertakings.


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